Fauna Production Reserve




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  • Day 1: The tour starts after breakfast at 09:00am when a local guide picks you up at your hotel and we go for about 2 hours by private vehicle up to the park ranger control point. ​

Before setting out by boat, the local guide gives you a short introduction and recommendations, then you go on the Cuyabeno River for 2 hours until you reach the Eco Lodge. On the way you can enjoy the abundance of jungle plants and wildlife. After lunch, we go by canoe on the lagoon where it is possible to watch pink river dolphins (depending on the season), you can take pictures of the beautiful sunset and watch birds. After dinner, we get on a nocturnal walk to spot arachnids, amphibians and insects.

  • Day 2: Full ecological day, we get on rowing canoes and paddleboards up to the lagoon in search of pink river dolphins, monkeys, birds, sloths, and with some luck also caimans. On the ground of the primary jungle, we have a walk for 2-3 hours along with the bilingual guide to get to know different kinds of trees, medicinal plants and learn about the ecosystem of the Amazon jungle, its flora and wildlife.

We have a rest and share our lunch (lunch box), relax in hammocks until it’s time to get back to the lagoon where we can swim (depending on season and climate conditions). After watching the sunset and dinner, we head out to watch caimans at night.

  • Day 3: We navigate on the river to the Siona community where they show us their yucca plantation and preparation of the yucca bread or casaba, a traditional food in the Siona community. We can watch a cleansing ceremony by a shaman, after lunch we return to the Lodge, time to relax at the lagoon and bird observation. Another activity at night is optional. 

  • Day 4: We head out at 05:30 am by canoe to watch the sunrise and many bird species, after breakfast we get back to the Cuyabeno Bridge by canoe, have lunch and return in vehicle to Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio) where the tour ends. 

During the 4 days/ 3 nights tour at the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve, it’s possible to watch up to 10 monkey species that live within the Cuyabeno Reserve, many bird species and with some luck even the harpy eagle (depending on their nesting season), sloths, pinks river dolphins (from April to January), 2 types of caimans, anacondas and other animals within the Cuyabeno, but it all depends on season and climate conditions.

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ys and 3 nights


  • The Eco-Lodge is on the riverbank of the Napo River in a natural and cozy environment. You can choose between queens, double, triple o quad rooms with mosquito nets and good mattresses, there are general bathrooms and showers, electricity, cell phone and internet signals and a private parking lot.

  • You have beautiful views over the Napo River, there is a private white sand beach with space to swim, you can walk in the ornamental garden and there are different paths to watch birds.

The other option is to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Puerto de Misahualli where the rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, air condition, TV, free Wi-Fi and swimming pool.