Wildlife Routes





  • Secoya native community visit (culture and ancient customs)

  • Motorboat excursion through Cuyabeno river (birdwatching)

  • Kichwa native community visit (chicha  drink degustation, culture and ancient customs)

  • Jungle sand beach camping

  • Day  walk in the jungle (medicinal plants lesson, mammals and birdwatching)

  • Motorboat excursion to Lagarto cocha lagoon (camping)

  • Motorboat excursion to Delfín cocha lagoon (pink and gray dolphins observation)

  • Night canoe excursion (caiman observation)

  • Secoya community visit in Perú (culture and ancient customs)

  • Jungle day walk through the primary forest (guacamayos, monkeys and birdwatching)

  • Jungle night walk (insects, snakes and amphibians observation)

  • Canoe paddling excursion to the lagoons (monkeys, nutrias, dolphins and birdwatching)

  • Canoe excursion through Aguarico river to Juanillas sand jungle beach (camping)

  • Cofanes native community visit ( Culture and ancient customs)

  • Canoe excursion through Yasuní river (monkeys and birdwatching)

  • Jungle day walk to Curi Muyo region (mammals and birds salt lick)

  • Observation tower visit (monkeys and birds)

  • Jungle day walk to Mandí cocha (monkeys, mammals and birds)

  • Canoe river excursion (manglar and birdwatching)

  • Jungle day walk to the second parrot salt lick (birdwatching)

  • Jungle day walk to the third salt lick (guacamayos and macaws observation)

  • Day jungle walk by the owl path.

  • Day jungle walk through the primary forest (flora and fauna observation)

  • Night jungle walk (insects, snakes and nocturnal monkeys)

  • Open area jungle day walk (monkeys and birdwatching)

  • Day canoe excursion to Pompeya

  • Limoncocha Biological reserve visit 

  • Night canoe excursion at the lagoon (caiman watching)

  • Jungle day walk or canoe excursion (birdwatching)


10 days


  • Purified water.

  • Private river transport.

  • Host in Ecolodge or camping.

  • Communities and entrances fees.

  • Certified bilingüal guide (english - spanish).

  • Full activities.

  • Electric generator (devices chargers).

  • Wellington boots 

Not included: Flashlights, rain jackets, binoculars, bird books, extra food and drinks,  transport Quito - Lago Agrio - Quito.


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