Traditional Jungle





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  • Day 1: The tour starts after breakfast at 08:00 a.m. from the Selva Verde Tours office. We start the day getting on a motorized canoe that will bring us to the Scientific Station “Jatun Sacha” where we hike for 5 hours in the primary jungle. The guide explains about medicinal plants, trees and we can watch different bird species. We will stay for 2 nights in rustic huts in a Kichwa community.

  • Day 2: We have a walk in the primary jungle where the guide explains about the different types of plants and wildlife we encounter on our trip. After lunch, locals will share their typical dances with us and their ancient costumes, as well as how to make their handicrafts. At night, you could choose between a nocturnal walk or a be present at a shaman cleansing ceremony.

  • Day 3: We had out early at 06:00 a.m. navigating in a motorized canoe up to a parakeet saltlick, after that we continue rowing the canoe for about 2 hours. After tubing for about 1, 5 hours, we stay at the Eco Lodge or a hotel for 2 nights.

  • Day 4: We start the day getting on a motorized canoe that will bring us to an organic cocoa plantation where we can watch the process of chocolate making. After that we visit the Animal Rescue Center “Amazonico” and the Caiman Lagoon, the Butterfly Garden and we finish the tour practicing how to use the blow pipe (cerbatana). We will also visit a local women’s project to see how traditional potter ware and handicrafts are made are made and are present when locals wash gold with their wooden pans.

  • Day 5: We head out in a private vehicle. We have a hike in the primary jungle of the Biological Reserve “Colonso” for about 5 hours. Not only will we pass by 7 beautiful waterfalls, the guide also explains about trees and plants on the way. At “Guayusa Yacu” or Blue Lagoon (Laguna Azul) you can relax and swim in the natural swimming pool before its time to head back to the Selva Verde Tours office where the tour ends.


  • The Eco-Lodge is on the riverbank of the Napo River in a natural and cozy environment. You can choose between queens, double, triple o quad rooms with mosquito nets and good mattresses, there are general bathrooms and showers, electricity, cell phone and internet signals and a private parking lot.

  • You have beautiful views over the Napo River, there is a private white sand beach with space to swim, you can walk in the ornamental garden and there are different paths to watch birds.

The other option is to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Puerto de Misahualli where the rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, air condition, TV, free Wi-Fi and swimming pool.