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Native tour operator founded in Puerto Misahuallí in 2001 by Luis Zapata, an Ecuadorian certified explorer passionate about the natural diversity of his country. With more than 29 years of experience in excursions throughout the Amazon region of Ecuador, Luis created Selva Verde Tours, an agency deeply involved with adventure tourism. Since then, he created several routes for the most demanding explorers, going through the wildest landscapes and nationalities of the Amazon, sharing with the world the immense ancestral secrets that the natives keep.




Selva Verde Tours offers private short circuit routes in Puerto Misahuallí , ideal for spontaneous travelers with an affordable budget. Here you have our most popular offers full of adrenaline, culture and biodiversity.


Animal Shelter & 

Handmade  Chocolate

Umbuni Waterfall & Shamanism 

Ancestral Traps & Gold Panning



We developed a diverse list of personalized routes along  all the national reserves in amazon region of the country. The tours starts from two to fifteen days. Selva Verde offer long expeditions between reserves with different approaches designed for ornithologist, biologists, scientists, video producers and naturalistic enthusiasts.

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Cuyabeno wildlife reserve has more than 550 species of birds, 60 species of orchids, more than 350 species of fishes.  Also there lives a great unknown variety of insects and mushrooms. The rivers are home of reptiles such as anacondas, caimans, river turtles and many species of mammals.

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Yasuní is one of the most biodiverse areas of the Earth. There lives 150 species of amphibians, 121 of reptiles, 598 species of birds, and 204 of mammals, and in flora they have identified 2113 species . There are three different indigenous groups in the Yasuní National Park and its surroundings: the Waorani, Kichwa and Shuar.

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MIsahuallí Port is considered the main entrance to the Jungle excursions, Kichwa and Waorani culture and water sports. Jungle waterfalls, monkey island, animal shelter, butterfly farm and natural caves are the landscapes that you will be part in your adventure.

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There is a large concentration of Fauna in and around the reserve. The over 347 species of bird that live in the reserve make Birdwatching very popular attraction. Limoncocha also holds a large number of tortoises,caimans and a diverse population of fish.

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To one side of the Eastern mountain range of the Andes, in the northern zone of our Amazon, there is an old mountain chain and relatively isolated from the rest of snow-capped mountains, surrounded by rainforests, gorges and deep canyons. 




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