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Expedition Kayak Yasuní Indomitable Road N.1

Expedition Kayak Yasuní Indomitable Road N.1
6 days

A unique and unforgettable experience. This tour can be done with a minimum of 2 persons on. We guarantee the journey for families or friends wishing to make a kayaking adventure. The Nushino River is suitable for all ages because it has fast. All the water is flat and calm inside of primary rainforest of Yasuni Park.

At various jungle hikes visit some lagoons where you can observe different species of birds, monkeys, hawks, eagles, toucans, macaws, parrots, turtles, alligators, amphibians, insects, fishing for piranhas and other fish. This route is new, since it is rarely visited by other agencies and guides operating in this area of the park. We have a well-organized logistics equipment for this adventure.

The Yasuní National Park Situated in the Republic of Ecuador since creation of 26 July 1979. It is spread over an area of 9820 square kilometers in the provinces of Pastaza and Orellana, between the Napo River. Tiputini, Yasuni, Nashiño, Cononaco, and Curaray.


Day 1: The tour starts at 9 am from the Selvaverde Travel Agency located in Misahualli. Then we go by car for three hours until we get to the river Nushiño Bridge from where we continue our journey by Kayak. Before our descent, the guide will give safety instructions and various recommendations. During the descent, you can enjoy views of beautiful primary rainforests and bird species. At 1 pm, we stop to have a delicious lunch. Then we continue to the sector of Dayuno where we camp for the first night.

Day 2: After breakfast, we continue our journey to the sector of Dayuno 2 where we set up camp. In the afternoon, we will hike through the jungle for four hours to reach a lagoon where you can observe birds and monkeys. After our meal, we will go on a nocturnal walk to a lagoon where caymans can be observed.

Day 3: We continue our journey down to the Tepapary community where we spend a night in a Waorani community to spend time with the families there.

Day 4: In the morning, we walk for 5 hours in the jungle with a native Waorani guide from the community. The tour will include seeing species of medicinal plants and using a hunting blowdart. After lunch we continue our journey down to spend the fourth night camping on another beach.

Day 5: After breakfast, we will walk for three hours through the jungle and will visit a giant ceiba tree along the way. We return to the camp for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we travel down the river by kayak to the sector of Morete cocha where we will camp for the final night. After dinner, we can go fishing, or go on a nocturnal walk to observe frogs, insects, and caymans in a lagoon.

Day 6: At 6 in the morning, we travel by canoe down the river. Along the way you can see various species of birds and monkeys. We return to camp for breakfast, then travel upstream by motorised canoe to the bridge and then we return by car to Misahualli where our tour ends.

Description of the kayak tour: On this six-day trip, we will always be accompanied by a motorised canoe which will carry all our camping equipment, food and other things.