Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Misahualli | Tena | Napo | Ecuador
Misahualli | Tena | Napo | Ecuador
Calle Napo y José Tan dalia - primera planta
Phone: 0998215710 | 0985904101
+593 99 821 5710 / 98 590 4101


We can accept volunteers from anywhere in the world who want to provide professional services that can be evaluated if desired. Our projects include social work, the environment, education and community development all in indigenous areas.

For example, there are reforestation projects to recover native plants that are in danger of extinction like timber-yielding and medicinal trees as well as cocoa, maize, plantain bananas and yucca. There are also fish, chicken, pig and cattle rearing projects and ones relating to botanic gardens.
Where applicable, these activities will happen on community farms.

The timetables are from Monday to Friday from 7am to 12 and 1 to 5pm. Saturdays and Sundays are free.

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Accommodation, 3 meals a day, bottled water and wellies.

NOT INCLUDED: torches, rain ponchos, alcoholic beverages or extras.

What to do in your spare time:
1) take Spanish and/or Kichwa lessons
2) Visit waterfalls, walk through the jungle, travel by canoe, go tubing (going down the river on rubber tyres) or go rafting.
3) Witness a shamanic ritual 

We speak Spanish, Kichwa and English