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Fishing in the Yasuni Park

Fishing in the Yasuní Park
4 to 15 days

In the Amazon region there are different varieties of sizes and fish, places to fish and techniques. We can choose to fish with other smaller fish, worms, grubs, red meat or fruit. The most sought-after fish are ones who have adapted to the area. The group will plan their activities when they arrive, choosing the type of fish they want according to conditions such as the height of the river or time of year, month or whether to fish by day or night. 

There are different species in different rivers and lagoons. Some fish such as catfish, pike and araipama weigh up to 150kg.



What to bring:
Fishers must come with their own equipment according to the size of fish they want to catch.
We recommend:
* A light rod for fish that weight between 1kg to 120kg.
* A heavy rod for fish that weigh more than 60kg. 
* Trowel, tweezers, weights, rust-proof lines of different thickness and hooks.
* A high-quality torch with batteries and spare bulbs to use during nocturnal fishing 
* Repellent
* Long-sleeved shirt and trousers
* A hat and sunglasses.
We have the following items in our small supply of equipment:
Hooks, weights, tweezers and lines.

Description of the tour and other services: Transport by car and river, accommodation in tents with mattresses and all the necessary equipment.

The price includes: Accommodation in tents, food, bottled water 24 hours a day, land and river transport, wellington boots, a local bilingual guide and all trips and excursions outlined in the programme.

Not included: Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day, torches, and rain ponchos.