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Calle Napo y José Tan dalia - primera planta
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Travelling by traditional canoe

Travelling by traditional canoe

The tour starts at 8.30 in the morning. Then we travel by canoe down the Napo River to the Jatun Sacha Reserve where we will walk through the jungle to the River Arajuno. On this walk of 5 to 6 hours we will learn about species of medicinal plants, bird watching, toucans, woodpeckers, orioles, parrots, caciques. With luck, we will see monkeys and peccary boars. At noon we have a delicious lunch.

Then we continue to the river, to travel along the river Arajuno by traditional canoe for two hours until we get to the Campococha Bridge where we take a car to Misahualli, where the tour ends.

The Price includes: Motorized river transport, lunch, bottled water, wellington boots and a local guide.

Not included: Rain ponchos and breakfast.