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Birdwatching - Vista Hermosa Lodge


1 to 3 days

We recommend this tour for bird fanatics. This place is very near to Misahualli, and you can go on a tour lasting 1-3 days. Tours include travelling by motorized canoe down the Napo River, travelling by traditional canoe and hiking in the jungle. The most common species of birds that can be seen are Hoatzin, Heron, Kingfisher, flycatchers, cormorants, caracaras, purple Gallareta, Vulture, Falcons, woodpeckers, violaceous jays, white-eared Jacamars, toucans, Bienteveo, Tyrants, Donocobio Magpie Tanager, Yellow Rumped Cacique, Orioles etc.
And if you have 4-8 days or more, you can visit protected areas such as the Yasuní National Park, the Limoncocha Reserve, Añango, Pañacocha and Cuyabeno, where there is an abundance of birds in their natural environment. You will see many birds there.

Ornithology. It is the most developed as a recreational hobby and is based on the art of recognizing the different species of birds for their feathers or singing, many are limited to create lists showing the number of birds that go to a particular area.

Others maintain the list of all species seen in their lives (life list). Everyone can enter and adapt this hobby in their own way, some are simply content to enjoy and enrich more walks in a natural setting, while others are fascinated by the science that involves the study of birds, also known as - birding or birdwatching.
The price includes: Accommodation, food, purified water, land and motorised river transport, rubber boots, a local bilingual guide, and all excursions and activities outlined in the program.

Not included: breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day, torches and rain ponchos.

Price per person per day $ 75 in Misahualli. And $145 in the Yasuni Park.