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The unconquerable route N.2

Yasuni - The unconquerable route N.2
5 days
The Yasuní National Park situated in the Republic of Ecuador was created on 26th July 1979 and spans an area of 9820 square kilometers in the provinces of Pastaza and Orellana, between the River Napo. Tiputini, Yasuni, Nashiño, Cononaco, and Curaray are tributaries that flow into the River Napo who in turn flows into the Amazon. This park, mainly jungle in nature, was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1989 and is part of the territory where the Waorani people live including two Waorani factions, the Taggaeri and Taromenane, who are groups in voluntary isolation. The Yasuni Park is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Studies speak of 150 species of amphibians, 121 reptiles, 598 species of birds and 204 mammals. 2113 flora species have been identified and it is estimated that there are around 3100 in total.

The Yasuní National Park is the largest protected area in Ecuador and is one of the most important in South America. According to documents from the park’s creation and current estimates (2009) from the Ministry of Environment, its surface area is 1,007,738.3 hectares. In 1989, UNESCO designated this area as the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, with a total area of 2,366,182 hectare with the Yasuni National Park at its core.


Day 1: The tour starts in Misahualli. We take a motorized canoe down the Napo River for 5 hours until we reach Coca. Along the way we will enjoy beautiful jungle scenery and white sand river beaches. At noon we have a delicious lunch. Then we continue to Coca where we stop for 30 minutes. Then we continue to the sector of Añonga where we camp for the first night in tents on a beautiful beach.

Day 2: In the morning we will hike through the jungle to reach 3 saltlicks- one used by parakeets and parrots, another by macaws and a third by tapirs and peccary boars. We walk through the jungle to an observation tower to see birds and monkeys. We return to the campsite for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, we visit an indigenous community where we will see a traditional dance and visit an ethno-cultural museum. Fianlly, it’s time for dinner and a rest.

Day 3: After breakfast we continue along the river for 4 hours until we get to the Pañacocha lagoon where we will camp for 3 nights. After our lunch, we will go by canoe around the lagoon to see the famous pink dolphins and bird species. After dinner we go on a nocturnal walk.

Day 4: We travel by canoe along the river Pañayacu to the Achanga sector where we will walk through the jungle for four hours. After our lunch we will go to another lagoon where you can see monkeys, and with lots of luck anacondas. Here we go piranha fishing. After dinner there will be a nighttime navigation of the lagoon to see caimans.

Day 5: At 5.30 in the morning we go around the lagoon for the last time to observe monkeys, birds and dolphins. After our breakfast we will pack our bags and travel 7 hours upstream to Coca. At noon we stop for lunch. The tour ends in Coca.

The price includes: Accommodation in tents, food, purified water 24 hours a day, motorized river transport, rubber boots and a local bilingual guide.
The tour starts in Misahualli and ends in the town of Coca.

Not included: Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day, torches and rain ponchos.